Tips to Avoiding Back Pain on Motorcycle Rides

Tips to Avoiding Back Pain on Motorcycle Rides

Tips to avoid backpain

Riding your motorcycle is fun, but when you ride for longer periods of time, your body will start protesting.
Especially if you're living in the metro cities of India 😉
If you think about it or analyse it, your back will take all the strain off your riding posture.

Here today I'll be sharing few tips on avoiding back pain on motorcycle rides.
A lot depends on several factors; your body measurements, your motorcycle type and some parts of your motorcycle.

Your riding comfort depends upon the type of bike you own/ride.

There are three types of motorcycles:

1. Standard

Your body is by default straight up, feet are directly below you and your hands straight.

2. Cruiser

Your body is straight, your hands are straight (unless you are riding an extreme ape handlebar) and your feet are slightly ahead of you. Your legs will “hold” your body less than the Standard type, but your body will remain reasonable straight.

3. Sports

Your body must lean forward, and at higher speeds, your torso will be required to fight a strong wind, while your hands are lower and your feet are behind you. In other words, there is a lot of stress on your body, one of the reasons you can not really go that far on a sports motorcycle.

Tips to avoid back pain

Tips to avoid back pain

Tips to avoid back pain

Tips to avoid back pain

1. Neck Pains while Motorcycle Riding

Move your head towards your shoulder, smoothly but continuously. Breathe out along the movement and exhale completely as you finish it.

You should notice how your neck muscles stretch and strengthen. It is typical to hear your cervical vertebrae adjusting themselves along the movement; it is an unmistakable signal that you are producing the desired result.

Repeat this exercise several times while still.

Tips to avoid back pain

2. Stiff Arms

Gently swing your elbow, supported by your right hand, in order to strengthen your shoulder.

Repeat on the other arm. Put both hands behind and stretch gently.

Repeat several times.

Tips to avoid back pain

3. Lower Back Pain

 Don’t worry! – You are one of 99 per cent of riders who suffer lower back pain.

Tips to Prevent Lower Back Pain: 

  1. Check your bike’s seat
  2. Check the suspension and tune it to your riding conditions
  3. Pay special attention to cold wind; stop it from reaching your lower back

Gently stretch yourself while holding the left handlebar grip with your left hand and with your right hand on the back seat (facing right), then do it the other way around (facing left); repeat it several times. This is a quite a relaxing exercise for your lower back.

Tips to avoid back pain

4. Sharp pain on Upper Back and Shoulders

If you have a sharp pain in your upper back and shoulder blades, you are facing a trapeze contracture.

Tips to reduce Upper Back Pain:

  1.  Buy a lightweight Helmet
  2. Try not to keep the same position on your bike for a long time – turn your head from time to time and let your shoulders have some rest
  3. Carrying a backpack can be the root of the problem and make it worse
  4. Warm water showers and warm baths will relieve symptoms immediately
  5. Wearing a scarf or bandana is a great way of preventing contractures on your back

Stretch the back of your neck with your hands, open your arms widely and swing them gently. Repeat the exercise several times.

Tips to avoid back pain

5. Numbness of Hands and Fingers

Stretch your arms and cross both hands’ fingers, stretch gently, relax and repeat several times.

Tips to avoid back pain

As you can see, your back ache comes from different areas, and you can help yourself by exercising regularly or trying out the tips above or you can also change some part of your motorcycle.

Happy Riding Janta.

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