Lakshman Jhula-Bridge Connecting Tapovan and Jonk

Lakshman Jhula-Bridge Connecting Tapovan and Jonk

Lakshman Jhula

A middle class Delhite, going to Northern part of the country has always been a craze for me.

Visiting the snow covered hills, sitting at the banks of river for hours and obviously …….. puff, puff, PASS!

So, finally a trip was planned with one of my college friend. Who was a native from Uttrakhand and he had a wedding to attend at Rishikesh.

Hearing about the visit to Rishikesh, first thing came to my mind was the Lakshman Jhula.  I was super excited, started imaginig the view of snow covered mountains, rivers and chillum and what not . By the way this is my first trip to Northern part, you guys can imagine the depth of the situation.

Next day packed my bag, had an argument with dad and there we leave for Rishikesh @ 3pm in the afternoon by train. The journey was for around 6-7 hours and @ 10pm I set foot in the ‘Yoga Capital of the World‘. Same as any railway station in India, I set foot and was crowded with coolies. Dodged myself from them and went towards the exit, took an auto and reached the destination.

Before I tell you anything, let me introduce you to the people of Rishikesh. Even though you’ll see less of them, interaction with them are pretty amazing as they will guide you to each and every corner of the city with PROS and CONS. Being from Delhi when i see people helping out a lot, love and brotherhood just pours out of me. After touring the city the next day, on Day 2 we decided to visit the famous Lakshman Jhula bridge over the Ganges. My friend took his brothers scooty, a bad choice as we both weighed approximately 300 pounds. Anyway we reached at the begning of the bridge.  I had heard a lot about the bridge the view in front of my eyes were totally different.

The bridge is 450 feet long which is like 1.5 football field length. The width will be of 3 people standing shoulder to shoulder. The bridge is 70 feet above Ganges. I just explained these measurement just to let you know that this bridge is connecting Tapovan and Jonk, two cities in the state of Uttrakhand. Over the bridge apart from people having photoshoots and people offering prayers. You’ll also encounter monkeys and people riding bikes over the bridge. Not what i expected, but was satisfied as I sat at the banks of Ganges and just stared away at the hills.

After the visit we attended the wedding which was torturing. Didn’t know anyone nor I looked like someone from there. I wore a tshirt and jean, class apart impression was already made.

The visit was short, I enjoyed each day spent there. Though couldn’t find someone to smoke pot but managed with Delli ka stuff. If you have never visited the place recommend to go and just let your self sunk in at the banks of river Ganges.

Oh! for all the daru lovers. Due to the religious significance of the place, non-vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly prohibited in Rishikesh.

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