Importance of Motorcycle Windshield

Importance of Motorcycle Windshield


Motorcycle Windshield

As the name suggests, ‘Motorcycle Windshield’ protects you from wind blast to your face and chest while riding your bike and also decreasing wind blast reduces riding fatigue. It's that simple.

In bad weather conditions, a motorcycle windshield offers increased comfort and protection from the elements.  You don't ride in the rain hoping to get wetter or ride in cold weather hoping to get frostbite. You use a windshield to manage better riding in bad weather.

Installation of a windshield results in more comfortable and fun ride, less turbulence from wind results in more miles you can ride without fatigue. Windshield shows its importance more in long highway rides.



Wind Protection:

Less air pushing against your body results in a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. Shows its importance more in long highway rides.
After installing windshield there's less air pushing your face and body which results in lesser fatigue and comfortable ride.


Debris Protection:

Motorcycle Windshield is all about its functionality, shielding you from wind, weather and other unwanted materials and looks cool at the same time.While riding at night, usually it happens that flying ants attracted towards motorcycle’s beam light and sometimes hit our helmet instead.You can ignore this with windshield installed on your bike.

Once, my friend Abhishek was travelling on his bike when suddenly from nowhere a brick came flying and hit his chest.
You guys might me thinking this is crazy, yes it is. There were two kids fighting on the road pavement when the other
kid threw a brick, bad aim it went and hit our friend Mishra. Bad Luck Bro! A windshield could have saved you ;).


However, before buying a motorcycle windshield you need to keep this one point in mind:


A windshield that sits just below your line of vision while seated comfortably is a good option. You should be able to see it without straining and yet be comfortable dropping your head down to look through the glass.

If your windshield height is up too high, over to your nose or line of sight, then windshield will block your view of the road. In rain, the windshield can block rain to come over to you but at the same time, you cannot see through the windshield, if windshield in up too high.


Windshield considered as accessory mainly for cruise bikes, but you can find many variants in the market for sports bikes as well which is functional at the same time. If you don’t have one, install it on your motorcycle.You will realise its significance soon.

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