Haridwar – Gateway to Gods

Haridwar – Gateway to Gods


Sunday 7:00 am, my phone goes crazy. I jumped out of my bed, YESS!!! shouted in excitement over the phone.
My friends have planned our first long ride together to Haridwar ‘हरिद्वार’ or ‘Gateway to Gods‘. With time up my ass, I started preparing for the ride. My Jacket, pair of gloves and MT helmet, by the way, I ride KTM 200. Since the day was super hot I removed all the armour from my jacket (A bad decision, regretting it later).

Jacket Armour

I got ready in an hour. This ride, we will be covering more than 250km. We were all super excited. We

started our ride from Anand Vihar ISBT, Delhi. We were 4 riders and a pillion. We were following a single line riding
formation which is ideal for long rides with fewer riders. We rode for 10-15km in heavy traffic and once we got out of
Delhi we found enough road to release the throttle.
After a while we reached Modi Nagar (no it’s not in Gujarat), I was the last rider in the formation. Suddenly out of
nowhere 2 guys on a Bajaj Discover crossed the Highway.
The view I captured when I saw them :
1. Riding in the wrong lane
2. No Helmet on both

The rider before me in the formation had a close call on them. I was next, couldn’t stop or deviate my bike and just
crashed into them. Luckily my helmet, jacket and gloves saved me. Had a wound on my right elbow (bad decision taken in the morning). There was few damage on my bike as well. In a matter of time, I saw 5 Policemen running towards us. Then I noticed the police chowki just 20-30 feet away from the accident.The Policemen took us to the chowki and to my surprise I was not attended for my injuries and the other guys were treated well. Later, I realized the boy who was riding the bike was one of the Policemen’s son.


The Police started solely accusing me of the accident and asked me to pay a challan for 4000/- (damage on the Bajaj Discover). Being out for a good cause I had no intention to create a scene and with contribution from fellow riders I gave 3000/- to the Policemen and we were FREE!!!.

Modi Nagar

The clock struck 11 am, hot as hell out on road. With crashed bike, wounded body and torn jean, we went to the nearest local mechanic. My co-riders decided to go back home, considering my situation. Being our first long ride, I insisted them to continue the ride. After 45 minutes at the workstation, bike was finally ready for the journey.


From there we rode for straight 2-3 hours to Haridwar. At 3 pm we reached Haridwar and were tired AF.
First thing reaching Haridwar, jumped into the mighty Ganges. Spent a wonderful evening at the banks of Ganges.
NOO!!! we had to ride back today, all are working among us and had to reach anyway back Delhi. The thought itself was challenging for each one of us to ride back without much rest.

Around @8pm, on our ride back we took our last break for dinner.
While having parantha, I recollected all the incidents and realised one important thing, how much planning and
preparation for a ride must be serious.
*********************ALWAYS RIDE IN COMPLETE GEAR*********************************

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