Guide to Protective Gear for Bikers

Guide to Protective Gear for Bikers

Importance of Protection Gear

Do you guys see the difference?

Crazy right! This is the how a complete riding gear look's like.

Safety is what the world relies on. We riders are exposed to natural conditions and man-made accidents, a lot than other beings on wheels.

I myself have learnt a lot from practical happenings in life. I have been in a Car and Bike collisions ( not proud though, just for information sake ).



2012, I had given my first driving test and failed miserably ( computer test ). With humiliation, I took my friend Abhishek's bike and went for a ride. Aggression overpowering my thoughts, I was riding at high speed. From nowhere a car overtook me and I had to apply break suddenly. This caused the tires to skid and I rolled over the road. As I was getting up ( palms on the ground and pushing body up ), a car came by and sided over my head. From the helmet visor, I could see the car pass by me. With a shock, I stood up and thanked God for wearing the Helmet.

2014, I was in my car travelling to my friend Jim's place. I realised by half way, I was not wearing the seat belt, that moment I stretched my arms and pulled the seat belt. YES! and that was the time I got into a head-on collision with another car. I lost my hair and the car, but thanks to God that I was safe with only minor head injury and nothing serious had happened. God's way of telling you "Bro lookout".

I Hope this guide, will encourage our fellow riders to start wearing safety gear.

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      We had planned a trip to Jim Corbett last weekend, which I’m sorry for not updating.
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      Stay cool and Ride safe.

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