4 Must Have Riding Gears

4 Must Have Riding Gears

Are You Ready for a Ride?

I’m of the opinion that it’s more important to wear complete riding gear while riding in the city given how haphazard most traffic is.Is it only during long rides when one will encounter highways and other off-road terrain or even during city riding? My answer is both.

And where do you think most accidents take place, on the highway or in the city?

You never know when a jaywalker may step in your way causing you to apply brakes in panic, and more so over you never know when a garbage dumper, or a bus or any stupid rider or driver may come in your path resulting in a not so pleasant experience.

Lets come back to riding gear, yes at times wearing a jacket and your helmet to get grocery from around the corner may suffice, but when your daily commute involves riding long distances especially through heavy traffic, then it’s best to invest in proper gear because one can never put a price on safety!


Helmet is the most important part of a riding gear.

Wherever you are riding, you must compulsorily wear helmet. Reason being, a mishap could happen anytime, anywhere, and most importantly, sometimes, due to no fault of your own.

A survey showed that helmets reduce the risk of death by around 40%. So go ahead and purchase a lid immediately, if you have not done so already.

There are many types of helmets in the market, but the only one to consider is FULL-FACE. On my opinion never ever think of going for a half-faced one, as it hardly provides any protection.Now, while buying a helmet, ensure you are buying from an authorized reseller to avoid any fakes that are readily available.

The helmet should be ECE, DOT, or SNELL Certified. Certification is extremely important as this means that the helmet meets the minimum safety standards. The certification is mostly printed on the chin strap, and/or inside the helmet, and/or on the back side of the helmet.

Jacket & Gloves:

After a helmet, the next piece of kit one should consider is a Riding Jacket. The primary purpose of wearing one is to reduce the impact to the torso, hands and back, in case of an accident.A riding jacket consists of protective armor at the elbows, shoulder, back, and sometimes at the chest as well.

Whenever you go to purchase a jacket, do ensure the armors are CE certified/approved. There are various armor manufacturing companies and various certifications for different types of armor, but the minimum certification should be a CE level 1 certification.

Look for engraving on the armors and documentation to ensure authenticity. If you want better protection, then look for armors that satisfy the CE level 2 tests.

To summarize, a riding jacket is one with protective armors. Without them, it’s use as a protective jacket is virtually non-existent.

Do you wear gloves while riding, just to look cool, or to only save your fingers from the cold? If yes, then you are probably using the wrong type.
The primary motto of wearing riding gloves is protection to your palm, fingers, knuckles and wrists in case of an accident.
If this criteria is met, and looks cool too, nothing like it. Do note that, when one falls during an accident, the body’s natural reaction is to pull out your palm and brace yourself for impact and hence, in most cases, your palm and fingers are the first to hit the road. This is why wearing a pair of decent protective motorcycle riding gloves is paramount.


When purchasing kneepads, the most important thing to do is wear them on, and sit on your motorcycle.

Now ensure that the knee armors fit perfectly over your knees. They should be snug-fit and you should not be able to easily move them around. This is important because the armor should not move away from your knee on impact. Also make sure that you feel comfortable and ensure that the armors do not pinch or hurt you in any way.


Visibility is your friend out there. Obviously, it drops dramatically after sundown, so some strategically placed reflection will help you out.
You can get reflective license plate bolts, or you can use reflective tape on certain surfaces. Some riding gear comes with reflective tubing or panels, so consider those as alternatives.

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